Juliet Balconies Glass Suppliers – Adding A Whole New Domain To These Medieval Architectural Designs

Juliet balconies glass

Juliet balconies glass

Juliet balconies is a name given to those mocking balconies without any such real balconies and has a long historical significance derived from the famous tail of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Though thesebalconies have no functional protrusion from the floors, but they are considered as a virtual balcony space with large patio doors and windows of a floor. Especially in congested cities where there is depravity of living space, these Juliet balconies are often considered as an aesthetic as well as functional add on for open sunlight with a feeling of open balcony space. Earlier most of the Juliet balconies suppliers use steel rails to protect those balcony space, where the doors and windows open inside the house. Now the addition of glass protection has given a whole new definition to these medieval architectural designs.

Juliet balconies glass:

Often used as a protection, the Juliet balconies glass is usually a toughened transparent or shaded glass, which is secured with blots to the outer walls. With a little online search you may come across several Juliet balconies suppliers, who provide various quality toughened glasses for Juliet balconies. With their aesthetic value add-ons, Juliet balconies glass offers a fair statement of style with ultimate utility concept with proper installation and support.

Advantages of Juliet balconies glass:

  1. Safety: They protect the open window panes by covering the open area

  2. Openness: They help in making a open space feel with a balcony like opening

  3. Ample Sunlight: They help in getting sunlight through wide open space

  4. Ventilation: As these glasses are often transparent and protect a fairly open space, they are ideal for ventilation in the rooms.

With all such advantages there is a huge demand for Juliet balconies suppliers and the Juliet balconies glass in modern architectural designs.


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